About Accent

Our story

We’re a SaaS company that’s passionate about helping organizations improve sales execution and streamline productivity. Through our sales enablement solutions, we give companies a way to enhance the key revenue-generating activities that have the biggest impact on sales success—planning, preparing and engaging buyers.
We got our start in 1990 as a specialized presentation management solution. We’ve come a long way since then, expanding our products and services to become the global leader in sales enablement technology. Now, our products are used by companies in more than 100 countries around the globe.

Our team

Accent’s company success is all due to our team of talented and creative employees. At Accent, we work hard and we play hard. Our philosophy is that when you enjoy what you do, you’re going to do it well. That’s why we try really, really hard to make Accent a fun and exciting place to work.
To learn more about what it’s like to be part of the Accent team, visit our careers page.

Our leadership

Pete McChrystal

President & CEO

The founder of Accent Technologies, Pete’s vision for sales enablement has led Accent Technologies to become the global leader in sales enablement technology.

John Fakatselis

Chief Operating Officer

Guided by the sales enablement principles that drive Accent’s products and services, John oversees the strategies and operations that culminate in Accent Technologies’ success as a company.

Liz McChrystal, Ph.D.

Director of Sales Enablement

Liz McChrystal guides Accent Technologies in developing and executing strategies to make company processes more efficient while promoting strong alignment between sales and marketing.

Dmitri Kobzarenko

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitri Kobzarenko leads Accent Technologies’ strategic direction and implementation of its technology roadmap, ensuring Accent stays on the cutting edge of effective sales enablement technology.

Dave Stachura

Director of Sales Enablement Consulting

Dave has over 12 years of experience as a sales enablement and sales training leader specializing in sales training programs, sales infrastructure, content strategy and sales processes.

Our philosophy on B2B sales

The situation

Sales Process DiagramIt’s hard out there for B2B companies. Quotas are higher, budgets are tighter and buyers are expecting more and more.
Sales and marketing teams are trying to engage with buyers and sharpen sales execution, but the average company simply doesn’t have the visibility and resources needed to strategically approach improvement.
Here’s the big problem: Most sales tools (especially CRM) don’t help B2B sales reps sell, and they certainly don’t help both sales AND marketing. They don’t help teams plan, prepare and engage with buyers comprehensively and systematically.


Sales Quota bell curveThe answer

A scientific, data-driven approach to B2B selling—one that provides real insight and surfaces the right priorities, resources and coaching at the right time through innovative technology.
Technology that improves productivity and gets reps focusing on high-value selling activities. Technology that brings marketing into the game so they can directly impact revenue generation. Technology that stands out with prospects and simplifies the buying process.
That’s our philosophy on B2B sales. That’s why we do what we do.
Questions about sales enablement? Product features? Favorite sales movie? (It’s Tommy Boy) Whatever the reason, we’d love to talk.
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