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The fast track to sales enablement

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Share. Track. And respond quickly.

Accent Share gives sales reps the perfect way to engage buyers at just the right time. Share content and track buyer activity in real-time—and respond when they show interest. It’s super simple and easy to use—yet incredibly helpful.

Share content

Share content through private portals that differentiate you from competitors. And give buyers a much better experience than sending email with attachments.
  • Reps have access to sales collateral through personal content libraries that are available anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Personalize each message and piece of content without any changes or extra effort on the part of the sales rep
  • Instantly boost buyer experience through private microsites – personalized web pages with access to all the resources and information buyers need to move forward in their purchasing journey
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Track buyer responses

See exactly what buyers are doing with the content you share and when. Get real-time notifications and complete viewing history.
  • Track buyer engagement metrics, right down to the seconds spent looking at each page, slide or video
  • Know the exact moment a buyer shows interest or demonstrates key buying signals through real-time notifications
  • Focus on the right opportunities by easily identifying the buyers who are most engaged

Catch buyers at just the right time

Know which buyers are engaging with your materials so you can catch them in their moment of interest.
  • Follow up with a buyer at the exact moment they are engaging with your content
  • Develop a deep understanding of your buyers’ preferences, pain points and decision triggers
  • Create better and more relevant sales conversations based on buyer behaviors
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Improve your follow up

Don’t waste valuable selling time on buyers just kicking the tires. Accent Shares helps you determine buyer intent so you can focus and prioritize your follow up on the most engaged buyers.

Start fast

It’s so easy, even a sales rep can use it.

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