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Accent Share gives sales reps an easy and effective way to win more deals. Create better buying experiences through personalized and targeted messages. Track everything to gain full visibility into every opportunity. Respond at just the right time for peak buyer engagement. Accent Share makes it all stupid simple. Plus there are no training or implementation delays—Accent Share works in the background while reps do their normal selling activities.


When it comes to buyer communication, it needs to be impactful, fast and easy. That’s what you get with Accent Share.
  • Instantly boost the buyer experience through private buyer portals—personalized web pages with access to all the resources and information buyers need to move forward in their purchasing journey
  • Personalize each message and piece of content without any changes or extra effort on the part of the sales rep
  • Gain easy access to content through personal content libraries that are available anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Reinforce company brand automatically


From the most effective content to the best times to reach out, the crucial sales visibility offered by Share helps teams strategically improve sales processes.
  • Track buyer engagement metrics, right down to the seconds spent looking at each page, slide or video
  • Know the exact moment a buyer shows interest or demonstrates key buying signals through real-time notifications
  • Focus on the right opportunities by easily identifying the buyers who are most engaged
  • Collect CRM data automatically so reps can focus on selling instead


Be the first to respond to your buyer with engaging, targeted communication.
  • Catch buyers in their moment of interest through real-time notifications that send alerts whenever buyers are interacting with your messages
  • Follow up quickly by using Share’s engagement tracking, easy sharing tools and quick access to content
  • Be right on target—use Share to develop a deep understanding of your buyers including preferences, pain points and decision triggers so you can follow up with a powerful tailored message

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