Intelligent Sales Content Personalization to Drive Customer Engagement


Content Personalization

To Drive Customer Engagement

Great Automation for
Personalizing Content

Personalizing content for buyers is critical—everyone knows it. But it’s rarely used because it’s usually hard to setup, hard to maintain, and cumbersome for users—so they don’t use it. We fix all that. With Accent it’s easy to setup, easy to maintain, and easy to use.

Dynamics Documents…
Powerful Personalization

Users simply answer a few questions and their personalized document are ready in seconds. More personalization means more engagement.

It’s Fast and Easy with
One-Step Personalization

Quickly select a document—say a case study—and personalize in one step. Sharing through buyer portals makes the buyer experience even better.

Email Libraries…
Engaging Email Made Easy

Pre-written engaging emails make follow-up with prospects and buyers fast and easy. Sent one-to-one, or one-to-many in seconds.

Smart-Cart Automation…
Tailored Documents in Seconds

Use the Smart-Cart [like shopping on Amazon] to collect pages or slides from different documents and quickly build personalized materials in seconds. It’s amazing.

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