Introducing Group Demos

Here at Accent Technologies, we’re excited to announce the launch of group demos!

Group demos are a live webcast open to the public that will focus on an industry challenge and feature how the Accent solution can help you solve it.

Additionally, group demos are yet another way that sales and marketing professionals can learn about the latest challenges in the industry and see a quick overview of Accent’s latest innovations and solutions. Group demos also have the benefit of bringing together sales enablement professionals to discuss a particular topic, so you can hear the questions, strategies and practices of your peers in similar situations.

Visit our Request a Demo page to see a list of upcoming group demo topics. If the ones you see aren’t relevant to your position, make sure to check back frequently for new content. Our first demo Solving your CRM adoption problem will be launching this Thursday, April 25th at 11 A.M. EST.

If group demos don’t fit your schedule, or you want to discuss unique use cases, request a one-on-one consultation with one of our sales enablement specialists.

Check out our group demo schedule now:

See Sales Enablement in Action


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