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Accent Technologies Announces eCommunicator Service

Melbourne, Florida AUGUST 23, 2012

Accent Technologies, global provider of advanced document and presentation management solutions, has announced the release of their client communication solution called eCommunicator. More than just an email marketing or CRM system, eCommunicator extends the advisors reach by enabling them to efficiently contact a large numbers of clients and prospects with relevant and timely information – in a targeted, personalized manner.

eCommunicator raises the bar for relationship managers and sales people alike, giving them the power to stay top-of-mind between meetings and phone conversations. “Financial advisors, as a whole, have too little time to do all the things they need to do to operate their business. One of their biggest challenges is staying in touch with their clients on a regular basis,” said Accent Technologies CEO Pete McChrystal. “They have to find ways to differentiate from other advisors. This is big when you consider most of the products and services they are selling look the same — it’s getting harder and harder to look different.”

eCommunicator allows advisors and teams to contact their clients with on target, interesting information that generates dialogue and strengthens relationships. The advisor can personalize messages and easily target clients and client segments with relevant articles and information. It puts the relationship manager in the driver’s seat, allowing them to strengthen relationships with high quality touch points. “You can’t always control performance, but you CAN control level of service,” added McChrystal.

eCommunicator elevates how advisors engage and communicate with their clients and prospects, increases level of service that allows advisors to attract, retain, expand and grow their businesses.

About Accent Technologies, Inc.
Accent Technologies is the global leader in sales enablement technology. The SaaS company is passionate about helping organizations improve sales execution and streamline productivity. Through their sales enablement solutions, Accent Technologies gives companies a way to enhance the key revenue-generating activities that have the biggest impact on sales success—planning, preparing and engaging buyers. Their products are used by companies in more than 100 countries around the globe.

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