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Accent Technologies Releases System Enhancements and Android Version of New Sales Enablement Mobile App

MELBOURNE, FL July 25, 2017: Accent Technologies has released the latest round of quarterly enhancements for their Accent Mobile 2.0 sales enablement app which was released in Q1 of 2017. In their tradition of continuous product improvement, Accent has added powerful integration capabilities and sales enablement features designed to make sale reps more effective and productive in the field.

Accent’s Mobile 2.0 version is now available for both Apple and Android devices. Below are some of the latest enhancements:

  • On and offline use of HTML5 files in their Accent library: Do your reps use interactive files in their customer presentations? Now users can not only launch these HTML5 apps from their mobile library, but can also cache them to their mobile device for offline use, giving them the ability to gather and deliver the perfect targeted presentation wherever they may be.
  • Integrations with other mobile apps: Reps can now access files stored in other apps to upload into their personal workspace in the Accent library. Email attachments, iCloud, Google Drive, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. – wherever the item lives on the rep’s mobile device, they can pull it into Accent Mobile 2.0 to work with, present or share.
  • Advanced file security setting options: Organizations with confidential documents can now govern the usage of content with different levels of security clearance. Administrators can label documents as Share Internally Only or View Only, to ensure certain materials are never shared with external contacts or never leave the system at all.
  • Wi-Fi Printer Connection: To make preparation more efficient, and to reduce device storage issues, reps can now send a library document directly to a connected printer without having to download the document to their device first.
  • Import device contacts: Reps with scattered contact information can now “select” or “import all” contacts from their mobile device to their Accent content library. For those whose library is integrated with their organization’s CRM, this feature will check for duplicates, update existing records in the system and sync the contact record between mobile, web app and CRM – or in other words – kill three birds with one stone.

“It’s an app that has been designed by sales teams for sales teams—an app that reps actually want to use,” said Pete McChrystal, Accent Technologies Founder and CEO. “We understand that as we enable reps to work more effectively, their needs from our platform will evolve. Our plan is to anticipate those needs and continue to improve and enhance the Accent Mobile 2.0 app each quarter based on our vision and core users’ feedback.”

For more information about Accent’s sales enablement platform and mobile app, call 1.800.771.6011 or visit their website at https://accent-technologies.com/.

About Accent
Accent Technologies is the global leader in sales enablement technology. The SaaS company is passionate about helping organizations improve sales execution and streamline productivity. Through their sales enablement solutions, Accent gives companies a way to enhance the key revenue-generating activities that have the biggest impact on sales success—planning, preparing and engaging buyers. Their products are used by companies in more than 100 countries around the globe.

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