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Accent Technologies Releases First-Rate Sales Enablement Mobile App


Accent Technologies has debuted the new 2.0 version of their sales enablement mobile app, continuing their tradition of continuous product improvement. More powerful and easy to use, Accent Mobile 2.0 has been designed from the ground up to make selling as simple and successful as possible.

Accent Mobile 2.0 solves a very clear need for the modern day sales rep: the ability to respond to buyers instantly with the right content or information. With an interface that more closely aligns to the desktop version users are familiar with, the app is now more intuitive than ever.

Accent Mobile App

Accent Mobile 2.0’s new and improved feature set includes:

Complete Customization and Branding: Your app, your way. Accent Mobile 2.0 can be completely whitelabeled with your company’s branding and style. The app is also designed with easily configurable modules that allow administrators to decide which functionality appears where based on their users’ unique needs.

Interface Translations: Global sales teams need an app that speaks their language. Now individual users can choose from 9 major languages with the click of a button.

Complete Functionality: All the resources and tools from your desktop-based sales enablement platform have been revamped to be more easily accessible from a mobile phone or tablet. No information or tool is off limits. Sharing and tracking syncs in real-time so you can easily jump from one device to another.

Simpler Offline Access: Recently accessed materials are automatically cached so if you find yourself unexpectedly in the dark, work can continue seamlessly. No need to manually download full files from the library ahead of time.


From the start, Accent’s sales enablement app has been strategically designed to assist sales reps through every step of their sales process.


“Mobile selling is now an integral part of the B2B sales process, but up until now, sales teams haven’t had a truly effective way to plan, prepare, and engage with buyers while on the go,” said Pete McChrystal, Accent Technologies Founder and CEO. “I strongly believe that Accent’s new mobile app will change all of that. This is more than just your typical sales tool. It’s an app that has been designed by sales teams for sales teams—an app that reps actually want to use.”


The mobile app is available for Apple devices with an Android version coming soon. Current Accent Technologies customers can download the app now by visiting the app store.

For more information about Accent’s sales enablement platform, call 1-800-771-6011.


About Accent Technologies, Inc.
Accent Technologies is the global leader in sales enablement technology. The SaaS company is passionate about helping organizations improve sales execution and streamline productivity. Through their sales enablement solutions, Accent Technologies gives companies a way to enhance the key revenue-generating activities that have the biggest impact on sales success—planning, preparing and engaging buyers. Their products are used by companies in more than 100 countries around the globe.

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