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Accent Technologies Releases Next Level Sales Enablement Platform


Accent Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of advanced document and content management solutions, has announced the release of Accent Accelerator, a next level sales enablement platform.

Accent Accelerator is designed to reduce the amount of time sales reps spend searching for sales and marketing assets. Working from within CRM solutions, reps can follow a simple Q & A process to quickly surface recommended sales resources. Beyond content, Accelerator provides coaching tips, subject matter expert advice, and relevant research and materials to best fit a specific situation or buying team. Sales teams can select, view, present and send directly from the Accelerator platform, with all buyer contact activity routed back to the CRM for easy reference.

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“We’ve been providing clients sales productivity solutions since 2003 through our content recommendation wizard technology,” said Pete McChrystal, CEO of Accent Technologies. “With the market shift toward comprehensive sales enablement and sales productivity technologies, we designed Accelerator to meet the changing needs of sales reps. Our clients are excited about the new features, using the new interactive interface to align sales and marketing teams, promote collaboration and drive revenue for their companies.”

“A key differentiator for our clients is the ability to send timely information to buying teams using private portal technology,” said McChrystal, “which teams can then access anytime to see everything a rep has provided during the dynamic sales process. Another exciting feature provides reps the ability to voice annotate specific materials for rich personalization. Buyers can easily view resources, stream videos and share vital information with colleagues right from their personal portals. It’s very effective in building consensus and presents a truly unique buying experience.”

Reps and managers can track interest and behavior to quickly modify materials or follow-up with relevant contact and information. Comprehensive analytics are imbedded within the platform, providing sales and marketing managers complete visibility to specific use, productivity, resource popularity and revenue impact. Marketing teams can easily import, update and manage content, control specific access, and promote new materials through awareness campaigns and showcase portals. Teams can also take advantage of direct rep feedback features to improve sales support with new and improved resources. In addition, sales teams and new reps can quickly ramp up with the intuitive interface.

Accelerator is available from any mobile device and allows reps to select content, customize, and present to prospects from anywhere.

To learn more about our next level sales enablement platform, call 1-800-771-6011.

About Accent Technologies, Inc.
Accent Technologies is the global leader in sales enablement technology. The SaaS company is passionate about helping organizations improve sales execution and streamline productivity. Through their sales enablement solutions, Accent Technologies gives companies a way to enhance the key revenue-generating activities that have the biggest impact on sales success—planning, preparing and engaging buyers. Their products are used by companies in more than 100 countries around the globe.

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