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Project Description

Accent Technologies will be attending the B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange at the Boston Encore August 12-13.

As B2B sales and marketing technology innovators, we make it our mission to stay in touch with the needs, challenges and growing pains of the industry.

This event delivers actionable takeaways with case studies jointly presented by key stakeholders on revenue teams at high-growth B2B organizations. You’ll hear first-hand accounts on how sales and marketing teams coordinated and collaborated to better engage target accounts and provided relevant and high value experiences at each stage of the buying cycle.

Come rub elbows with us as we deep-dive into the B2B Sales and Marketing world!

  • 6 Key notes from thought leaders in ABM, Revenue Marketing and Demand Generations
  • 50+ Sessions from leading executives B2B – sharing perspectives from sales, marketing and operations
  • The best in B2B Awards honoring innovators ABM, Revenue Marketing and Content Marketing
  • B2B Labs providing hands-on guidance from industry leaders on the latest applications of intent data, interactive content, ABM and more
  • B2B Mentors program connecting up-and-coming revenue executives with established industry leaders
  • CXO perspectives from top CEOs CMOs and CROs at high-growth B2B Brands
  • Intimate Workgroups offering deep-dive content for executives in operations, content marketing and sales enablement

Interested in meeting up with us there? Schedule a meeting or follow us on social media to see which event tracks we’ll be attending.


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