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Find PowerPoint Slides Quickly with PowerSearch Add-In™


Accent Technologies, the leading global provider of advanced document and presentation management solutions, is pleased to announce the release of PowerSearch Add-In 3.0, an upgrade to the utility that gives PowerPoint users the ability to quickly search and retrieve individual PowerPoint slides.

PowerSearch is easy to use and saves hours of valuable time sorting through individual PowerPoint files looking for the slides you need.

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PowerSearch Add-In was designed to reduce the amount of time individuals spend searching their computer or network drives for presentations and slides that were created in the past. The software installs quickly and becomes available from the PowerPoint tool bar. Users can search presentations, folders or their entire network to find slides matching their search criteria. Retrieved slides are made available in a new PowerPoint presentation window in thumbnail view. Users can create new presentations or update presentations they are currently working on by simply dragging and dropping slides.

In addition to quickly locating slides users can view source file comments to see the file name from which the retrieved slides were pulled. They can also view last modified date, the slide number, and have a hyperlink that takes them back to the original presentation. These links are particularly powerful for gaining fast access to the original presentation and surrounding slides.

PowerSearch speeds the presentation creation process, helping users locate slides faster, saving them the time of recreating slides they couldn’t otherwise find. There are a number of search options, giving users flexible control over what part of a slide to search on and where to look. Users can search on slide titles, slide text, speaker notes, or date of creation or modification. Users can also search on specific folders and sub-folders contained within their hard drive or networked drives.

PowerSearch is a free add-in that can be downloaded from the Accent Technologies website located here.


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