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Channel Partners

Channel Partners

Ensure Consistency. Drive Effectiveness.

Accent ensures your channel partners and other third-party relationships access only your most current, approved, effective marketing content.

Fast access to relevant information

Become the premier, go-to choice for your channel partners. Give fast, easy access to the latest, most up-to-date materials so you stay top of mind and make them successful. Full mobile support for users on the go.

Keep the team informed about new materials

Stay top of mind with product updates, subscriptions and notifications. Easily push the right information to the right channel partners.

Get control and insight across all channels

Get visibility into what each channel partner uses and needs. Automatically update information across all channels with a single click. Control access by channel—so partners get just the info they need. Control confidential information leaks with precise controls and business rules.

Keep them on brand and message

Keep brand consistency and message accuracy enforced throughout all channels with built-in controls. Flexible templates for channel partner co-branding.

Visibility into content shared

Know exactly what’s being shared with buyers across all teams and channels. Now you can really see what’s being used in the field and how effective it is with buyers.

Aligning all revenue and support teams around the right information and a shared sense of purpose–to produce more revenue.


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