Discover True Content Effectiveness and Revenue Contribution

Discover True

Content Effectiveness

And Track Revenue Contribution

Gain Insights on Your
Content Effectiveness

We help you understand how your content is used and what content is truly effective. From collecting the right data to details on exactly how your content is working with prospects and customers—you won’t find a better solution.

It Starts with
Collecting the Right Data

We collect data on every piece of content shared from our platform—every user touch, every buyer response.

Insight on Content Used
Outside Our Platform

We go well beyond other systems by collecting data on every piece of content shared with buyers—including content sent via email attachment outside the platform.

Deep Analysis on How
Buyers Engage with Content

We give you visibility into how content is affecting buyers during the sales cycle—or relationships after the sale.

What Content is Driving
Greater Buyer Engagement

Because we auto-collect the activity data for you, we can tell you what content is driving meetings, what content is attracting more buyers, and what content is getting high-level personas engaged.

Connecting Content to
Revenue Generation

Comprehensive visibility into all content shared and how buyers respond lets us tell you which content is truly moving deals and relationships forward and producing more revenue.

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