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Do less. Sell more.

Getting sales reps to enter crucial buyer data is a never-ending battle.

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Now there’s a way to win the war.

Accent CRM Supercharger automates CRM data entry and delivers powerful visualizations and actionable insights. Your team can put more effort into sales. And less into manual entry.
With no extra effort. No change in behavior. Do less. Sell more.

Frustrated by your conversations with sales?

It’s so important to get a clear picture of each opportunity from several angles.
Using powerful AI and roll-up visualizations, Accent CRM Supercharger does just that—it gives a big-picture view of activity levels, effectiveness levels, milestones and results.
Pipeline reviews go from “just trying to understand” to “engaged strategy sessions.” All with minimum vexation and maximum cooperation.
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Are you ready to crush your sales quota?

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