AI-Driven Digital Marketing


Digital Marketers

Enhance your ABM and lead scoring with buyer data

Automatically detect new leads Sales is talking to and add to your CRM and marketing automation platforms. Leverage real outcomes against your scoring model to optimize in real time.

Powerful insight for digital marketing

Get amazing visibility into buyer engagement during sales cycles. Remove the black box that’s always prevented marketing from understanding how buyers interact and respond to the sales team.

Improve lead scoring with buyer engagement data

Close the feedback loop with buyer engagement data from the sales cycle. See which types of leads and personas are progressing to closure and which types stall or drop. Refine your marketing automation scores to optimize lead gen.

Add 3x warm contacts to improve your ABM program

AI captures all the contacts from email threads and calendar events. No more reliance on sales to enter the contacts—they are harvested automatically.

Know your buyers better with automatic activity capture

Track all buyer response activity. See what files and pages buyers are engaging and for how long. See which movies are getting the most views and least drop-offs.

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