A Brief Guide to Marketing Enablement

A Brief Guide to Marketing Enablement

Interested in starting a marketing enablement initiative? Here’s everything you need to know.

Marketing enablement: The key to improving efficiency and effectiveness for B2B marketers

More and more organizations are starting to see great improvements to their sales departments through their sales enablement initiatives. Sales teams are becoming empowered, informed and productive. Another lesser known (but still hugely impactful) benefit is what sales enablement brings to the marketing team: marketing enablement.
What is marketing enablement?
Let’s start off with a marketing enablement definition:
Marketing enablement occurs when you provide marketing teams with the processes and technology to increase their overall effectiveness and efficiency.
On a practical level, it’s about giving them the technology to manage their assets, projects and resources as easily and efficiently as possible so that they can focus more on high value activities like original content creation. Furthermore, it’s about giving them the visibility into the impact their activities have on overall revenue so that they can strategize more effectively.
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What are the main advantages of marketing enablement?

Easier content management

A long-time focus of sales enablement has been giving reps one central library where they can access all of the sales resources they need for strong execution. That’s great for sales, but it also is very beneficial to marketers:

checkmarkSales reps find what they’re looking for, so they no longer pester marketing for specific content

checkmarkSingle-source updates mean marketers don’t have to track down and update 15 versions of the same file

checkmarkThrough business rules, marketers can be certain that reps are always using the latest and greatest content: updated, compliant and branded


Visibility into the entire sales funnel

Many marketers are familiar with the frustration of passing leads onto sales and then having those leads drop out of the pipeline without ever being contacted by a sales rep. Then the sales team complains that they don’t have enough leads!

Marketing enablement provides clarity into lead management so that marketers can see which leads are progressing and which ones are not. They can then focus on activities that bring in more of the type of leads that sales will follow up with.

Stronger proof of ROI

Sales enablement technology gives marketers a 360 view into how their content is being used by sales teams and also how buyers are engaging with it. A powerful analytics engine takes all the data collected from tracking content usage and transforms it into clear insight for marketers.  Marketing teams can see how effective their materials are in moving deals forward.

Better marketing strategies

Through visibility into content usage and buyer engagement, marketers can make informed decisions on what needs to be updated, what can be tossed and what gaps exist in their content library. This intelligence enables marketers to create content that sales reps actually want to use and prospects actually want to read.


Marketing teams no longer need to sit on the sidelines, completely separated from the sales department. Sales enablement technology provides a way for marketing and sales teams to collaborate on projects and goals. It gives sales teams a clear path to ask marketing for assistance when needed and for marketing teams to guide sales reps with more targeted strategies and content.

Sales Enablement Assessment

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How can my marketing team get started with marketing enablement?

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