Accent’s Sales Consultants: Guidance on Improving Sales

Accent’s Sales Consultants: Guidance on Improving Sales

There’s no shortage of sales strategies available to help businesses improve sales execution and increase win rates. But how do companies know which ones will be most effective for their sales force? Prioritizing sales strategies isn’t an easy process, and the wrong choice can cost a company drastically in lost revenue or implementation costs.

Leverage the experts

As a leading provider of sales enablement solutions with more than 20 years in the sales industry, Accent Technologies has the experience and industry insight your company can use to gain stronger sales execution. Our sales consultants are sales enablement experts who can offer advice and guidance on all aspects of strong selling, from sales methodologies to sales training to sales enablement tools and beyond.

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We can cover a wide range of sales topics, including:

Sales Process

Does your company follow a specific sales methodology? How much structure do you provide your sales reps? Do you have clear visibility whether your sales reps are actually following the sales process you have in place? An Accent sales consultant can teach you how to identify problem areas and implement effective change.

Sales Execution

What activities are your sales reps doing on a daily basis? How much time are they spending on non-selling activities? Are you gaining strong ROI on your sales training program? Visibility into sales rep behaviors and processes is a vital component of improving sales execution. An Accent sales consultant will show you how to get that visibility and apply it.

Sales Management

Are your sales managers trained in sales coaching? What’s their process for improving sales rep behaviors? How do your sales coaches spend their time? By getting to the bottom of these questions, our sales consultants can teach you how to get the most value out of sales management.


Are your sales and marketing teams aligned toward common business goals? How do you even tell when they’re misaligned? What benefits are gained by increasing collaboration between sales and marketing? We’d love to tell you.

Sales Tools

How are your sales and marketing teams handling sales content? What tools do you use to provide a better buying experience to prospects? Do you have tools to increase sales productivity and reduce dead time? An Accent sales consultant will show you how these tools can fit into your overall sales system.

An Accent sales consultant can help you improve sales execution, productivity and revenue.

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