How to Automate CRM Data Entry to Increase Selling Time

How to Automate CRM Data Entry to Increase Selling Time

CRM data often serves as the bedrock for sales strategies and sales metrics, which is why it’s vital that sales reps are diligent in entering information on customers and prospects into CRM. After all, sales reports are only as good as the data they’re based on.
Companies try a lot of strategies to increase CRM adoption:
They can intimidate sales reps >> “If you don’t enter data into CRM, you’re fired!”
They can incentivize data entry >> “Get 80% of your data entered and you’ll receive a bonus!”
They can gamify data entry >> “Rep with the most CRM usage wins!”
These CRM strategies might boost your adoption for a little while, but the human factor will always be an issue.

The human factor

When you rely on sales reps to enter data into CRM, it will never be 100% accurate or complete. Here’s why:
There are two ways sales reps can enter CRM data while selling:

The 100% effective solution for CRM data

The only way to get complete, accurate CRM data is to remove the human factor altogether. Use sales enablement technology to automate CRM data entry.
How it works:
Sales enablement software tracks sales reps’ activities, such as emails, office phone calls, sales materials sent to buyers and even calls made from mobile phones. The data collected from these everyday sales activities is automatically pushed to CRM. On the flip side, all the data sales reps enter directly to CRM is updated on the sales enablement portal and mobile app, giving your sales reps easy access to accurate and complete information from anywhere, anytime.
The data automation pulls any information associated with an existing account within CRM. If the communication isn’t associated with an existing account, the powerful software will give you the option to quickly create a new opportunity directly within your email inbox.
The benefits:
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