The Complete Guide to Sales Enablement Software Vendors

The Complete Guide to Sales Enablement Software Vendors

Get to Know the Sales Enablement Market Leaders

“My sales team needs better support.” With many sales enablement software solutions and vendors in the market to choose from, you would think this challenge is a simple one to resolve. But anyone familiar with this struggle also understands the frustration of spending precious time pursuing a solution that ultimately could not deliver the value and support you anticipated. In turn, marketing and sales enablement leaders need a strong command of their organization’s specific needs so that they can quickly shortlist the sales enablement software options that a right for them.
SiriusDecisions organizes sales enablement into three main categories:
We created this review of the top solutions within each category in order to help sales enablement and marketing leaders identify the type of offering that could benefit their organization’s unique needs.

Sales Asset Management Tools

1. Accent Technologies
Our complete sales enablement platform offers capabilities that extend beyond traditional asset management software like, guided selling, performance managment and team communication, but we think it probably fits best under the sales asset management category. Our sales enablement software is designed to make it as easy as possible for sales teams to plan, prepare, and engage buyers by giving them instant access to the best assets, tools, and information.
Our sales enablement software was ranked a Sales Asset Management Top Tier Performer by SiriusDecisions and was named a Top Selling Tool in 2016 and 2017. Additionally, one of our clients received a SiriusDecisions sales enablement program of the year award in 2016.  Accent was also named a Top Tier performer in Gartner’s most recent Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales (December, 2017), which is their definitive review of the sales enablement software industry.
Most recently in July 2018, Accent was mentioned as a short-listed vendor in 4 categories (more than any other sales enablement software vendor) in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for CRM Sales, 2018. These categories included, Sales Enablement, Algorithmic Guided Selling, Sales Analytics and Digital Content Management.
2. Bigtincan Hub
Funny name aside, Bigtincan Hub delivers a sales enablement tool that benefits many different areas of B2B organizations. It focuses on mobile-friendly content creation and delivery. With content recommendation and sharing capabilities, the software is great for reps on the go. Bigtincan Hub also caters to businesses seeking a BYOD solution that accommodates content with security or compliance concerns.
3. Bloomfire
In a nutshell, Bloomfire focuses on making it easy for sales teams to create, share, find, and analyze content. The software streamlines the process of managing different sales materials and making sure that reps know where and how to find them. Based on a simple search, the Bloomfire platform will recommend the best pieces of content using their machine learning. Built-in reporting also allows the content team to track which assets are performing best so that you can continue to improve over time.
4. ClearSlide
ClearSlide focuses on making every interaction with customers a successful one. It combines presentation management with content tracking and reporting, email campaigns, web conferencing, content recommendations, and even some CRM data logging features. The content library tools can also be repurposed for onboarding and sales training.
5. Docurated
Originally Docurated came to the market as a point solution, focused on presentation management capabilities, as opposed to a full sales enablement platform. However, in the last few years they’ve expended their functionality with features like in-context content recommendations and more robust content reporting. Further, they’ve developed a variety of integrations with other solutions and platforms, as has other sales enablement software vendors, in order to ensure sales reps can seemlessly use the application alongside of their other favorite sales tools. They were purchased by Quark in late 2017.
6. Highspot
Highspot is a sales enablement platform that focuses on providing sales teams with relevant content and insight into customer engagement with that content. The software allows reps to easily search for content or receive recommendations for materials that would be a good fit for buyers. By tracking how prospects consume the sales content, your business can improve the process of creating and sending presentations. In 2017, Highspot was named a high performer in the G2 Crowd Grid Report for Sales Enablement.
7. Seismic
Seismic seeks to solve a common sales enablement problem: marketers create content that reps don’t use, and reps in turn spend time searching for and recreating that content. Their software makes it easy for marketers to manage and create content, then deliver it to sales reps in a way that increases the likelihood those reps will see and use it. Like most sales asset tools, Seismic also provides reports on how that content is used by reps and prospects so that the content creation team can improve their materials over time.
8. Qvidian
Qvidian focuses on an area of the sales process where inefficiency and poor buyer engagement are the norm – the proposal stage. Qvidian’s software seeks to automate the RFP process, streamlining everything to make it go faster and also replicating best practices so that winning proposals can be utilized again and again. The platform includes a centralized library, search tools, and content analytics for after-the-fact reporting.
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Sales Enablement Software Options: Sales Communications

Sales Communication Tools

1. Atlassian
Atlassian supplies a wide variety of software products aimed at helping teams with project management and collaboration. Their JIRA software is an excellent choice for enterprise organizations who struggle to stay on top of the day-to-day activities of running a successful sales operation. You can integrate JIRA with Atlassian’s tools for internal collaboration, such as their chat software HipChat or their visual collaboration software Trello. Combine these tools with Atlassian’s software for documenting and sharing knowledge, and you’ve got a complete platform that is scalable and customizable to your needs.
2. Outreach
Outreach offers the ability to orchestrate “Sales Sequences” across email and phone, automating the traditional follow-up process. The aim is to increase the likelihood of successfully getting in contact with the client and booking a concrete meeting. The platform also offers integrated workflows to help guide reps through habitual sales activities, and it uses tracking and analytics to identify high and low performing sales reps. Using that data, your sales coaches can do a more effective job of getting the entire team working at the same level.
3. SalesLoft
Communicating with clients is a vital part of being a sales rep, yet there’s no denying that there are inefficiencies in communicating across email, phone, and person. SalesLoft’s solution is to integrate email, CRM, and even an automated phone dialing system into one platform so that reps can spend less time jumping from one tool to the next and more time communicating with clients. The system also supports email tracking notifications and analytics, as well as scheduling of follow-up emails to maintain that vital communication cadence during the sales process.
4. Showpad
We’ve put Showpad in the sales communication category because the thing it does very well is presenting content to buyers. Instead of standard PowerPoint presentations, Showpad allows reps to create “Showpad Experiences” — dynamic, interactive content that field reps can use for on-the-spot pitches. The platform integrates with CRM, Outlook, and cloud storage software. Marketers can also easily track how reps are using different assets.
5. Slack
While Slack isn’t limited to just B2B sales teams, it’s definitely software that a lot of sales teams have used to great advantage. That’s because it makes it really easy for teams to communicate, which in turn increases visibility across your business. Share information about opportunities, sales resources, best practices, or your latest win. The software allows reps to subscribe to communication threads and receive alerts right within the browser for immediate response.
6. Tellwise
Tellwise’s software combines phone, chat, email, and presentations into one platform that you can access from CRM or your email inbox. The goal is to be more efficient with communication – both with clients and internal team members, and they achieve that by providing tools for drafting, scheduling, campaign building, and even instant messaging, all while keeping in mind the importance of top-notch presentations. The communications tool tracks everything so that management can benefit from reporting and analytics across the team.
7. Velocify
Velocify’s software provides a strategic set of tools and resources designed to create an effective sales workflow. Their task manager tool allows teams to track and leverage best practices, create a prioritized sales activity checklist customized to your organization’s contact strategy, and incorporate winning sales automation workflows from SFDC. They also supply communication tools that integrate with CRM so that you can compose personalized messages or create backlog of message templates, easily put communications on autopilot, and prioritize outreach and follow-up for large volumes of leads. With a click-to-call automated dialer, reps have everything they need to easily communicate with prospects.
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Sales Enablement Software Category: Sales Talent

Sales Talent Tools

1. Brainshark
Brainshark’s focus is on sales readiness. Their software aims to get reps onboarded and ready to sell quickly. Their platform includes sales training and coaching technology that guides reps in best practices. Through access to ongoing learning content, Brainshark’s software keeps your sales reps focused on the sales activities and processes that lead to success. The platform also has analytics to assess whether reps are progressing in training at a reasonable pace.
2. CallidusCloud
CallidusCloud has an interesting mix of different sales enablement solutions, which means there’s likely something there that everyone in your organization can benefit from. Within their platform, you can leverage gamification and sales compensation tools to keep your sales talent at top performance, use guided selling tips to provide ongoing performance feedback, and integrate with learning management systems for sales training reinforcement. Combine those features with their sales process tools such as an automated price quoter or tools for contract negotiation and renewal and their click tools that allow you to build feedback programs, surveys, call scripts and web forms, and you have a platform that you can truly customize to fit your business needs.
3. HireVue
HireVue is one of the few sales talent tools to truly encompass the entire talent process – from acquisition to ongoing training. Their products streamline the process of finding and assessing applicants via artificial intelligence. Once you’ve found great talent, HireVue makes it easy to build scalable coaching programs and keep a strong coaching cadence going on over time. The video platform can be used both internally and for client-facing pitches (and reps can submit their video recorded pitches for review / feedback from their coaches). With integration with learning management and SalesForce, HireVue can definitely fit right in within your sales process.
4. Mindmatrix
At the enterprise level, managing sales talent is rarely a straightforward process. Mindmatrix provides a unified platform for marketing, sales, and channel partners so that businesses can easily create and deliver a standardized sales process. The software covers everything from onboarding to dynamic playbooks, and it has some unique tools not often seen in sales enablement platforms, like brand management and landing page lead generation, making the platform particularly beneficial for marketing teams who want to collaborate closely with sales.
5. MindTickle
As any sales manager knows, a slow and disorganized onboarding process is like bleeding money. MindTickle’s tool aims to speed up onboarding by training and certifying reps on the knowledge that’s important to your business. Their platform is dynamic and makes learning engaging through videos and quizzes. Their sales enablement abilities go beyond just onboarding too–they supply tools for ongoing reinforcement, coaching, and collaboration. Analytics are used to report on strengths and weaknesses across the team.
6. Strategy to Revenue
Strategy to Revenue goes beyond simply providing a tool or software platform for training and improving sales talent. Instead, they develop customized training solutions designed to fit into any sales methodology and integrate with your existing sales tools. The STR team can handle everything from initial sales enablement consultations to custom content development.Their SKILLbuild portal lets you map, assess, and develop sales competencies across your team.
7. Quip
A productive workforce is the end goal for many sales enablement ventures, and Quip can help you make that goal a reality. Their productivity tools integrate with CRM, spreadsheets, chat, documents, and more so that your reps can easily focus on selling. WIthin Quip, team members can share and collaborate on territory business plans, budget reports, checklists, and contextual tasks. With direct messaging and dynamic documents, it’s easy for everyone to get on the same page. A great use case for Quip would be for marketing teams to create and collaborate on content production calendars.
The best way to find out if any of these tools are right for your organization is to see them in action. If you would like to schedule a personalized demo of Accent Technologies’ sales enablement sales enablement software, just fill out the form below!

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