Content marketing for sales

Content marketing for sales

The new secret weapon!

Looking to differentiate and win more business?

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Let us show you a powerful new way…
By utilizing content marketing for sales, you can dramatically improve your win rates. Delivering the right content, at the right time, in the right way can shorten the sales cycle, help you avoid the commodity trap and close more business.
Content marketing for sales is both an art and a science. Applying specialized sales tools, the right content and unique, personalized delivery can make all the difference in the efficacy of your sales process.
Make the move from content marketing to content selling!

The B2B buying process has changed

Traditional solution selling is under fire. It simply doesn’t produce the results it used to.

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A common statistic found on the web is that B2B buyers are nearly 60% through the purchasing process before they contact the first vendor. They’ve already diagnosed their pain, identified their needs, researched possible solutions and are comparing options.
Major changes have taken place in the buying process and the sales process has got to change in order to be effective.
Content selling is the answer.

Hyper-Relevant-Content icon blue and greenHere’s how we help…

Accelerate makes it easy for sales teams to quickly deliver the right information at the right time. It puts all the materials they need at their fingertips and provides the tools to deliver in a personalized way.
Some highlights:
  • The Content Intelligence Engine™ recommends the appropriate materials for each stage of the buying process
  • Powerful full-text search and instant online viewing
  • Build custom presentations and documents for a personal touch
  • Easily share materials with prospects through personal portals
  • Nurture leads and prospects with relevant research and articles from both your company and top industry content providers
  • Help your prospects build consensus with specialized sharing and collaboration capabilities
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