How to Measure Sales Performance

How to Measure Sales Performance

Improve your sales team’s performance by tracking and analyzing the right metrics.

Sales managers face several challenges when trying to accurately measure and assess their sales team’s performance:

  • They may not know what sales rep actions should be used to measure performance.
  • They may not have a way to get the data needed to measure performance.
  • They may not be able to connect the dots to get actionable insight from the collected data.
Each one of those challenges may seem an insurmountable hurdle keeping sales managers from having complete visibility into how effective their sales reps truly are. Don’t worry: there’s a solution.

Here are some ways to measure and improve the effectiveness of your sales team:

In The Sales Process:

In Sales Rep Coaching and Appraisals:

In Feedback Metrics for Marketing

Miller Heiman conducted a 2013 study on sales best practices. It revealed that 93% of world class companies know why their top performers are successful, but only 34% of all other companies do. Identifying the practices and processes that are most likely to bring in revenue is the first step toward replicating those activities across your entire sales force.

In short, effectively measuring your sales team’s performance is the key to meeting your revenue growth goals.


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