How to use lead nurturing to revive dormant sales leads

How to use lead nurturing to revive dormant sales leads

In your sales pipeline, how many opportunities are actively engaged and interested in buying? 100%? (Yeah, right).

More likely, at least 50% of sales qualified leads never close.

Consider the following two scenarios. Which do you think creates a bigger stumbling block for sales enablement?
Your marketing department doesn’t churn out enough leads for your sales team.


Your sales team doesn’t follow up enough with leads that aren’t yet ready to buy.
The answer isn’t exactly black and white. Not having enough marketing-generated leads can certainly harm your sales funnel, but many businesses don’t realize how much potential revenue is being thrown away by neglecting dormant leads.

Don’t ignore your dormant leads

Here’s the biggest risk associated with dropping cold leads:
If dormant leads are ignored by your sales teams, many of those prospects are still going to purchase those services or products in the future, once they’re ready to buy. And if they’re not buying from you, they’re buying from your competitors.
So how do you avoid that?
If these leads are still receiving and reading your content (content you’ve crafted to be personalized to their specific pain points and strategized to coincide with their stage in the decision-making process), you have a chance to revive those dormant leads. When those prospects are ready to buy, you’ll be #1 on their vendor list.
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Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when starting sales lead nurturing:

Track lead engagement

Research firm Aberdeen found that companies who use software to automatically track buyer engagement levels have 18% shorter average sales cycles, 13% better lead conversation rates, 7% higher customer renewal rates and 4% better lead acceptance rates compared to non-users. What does tracking buyer engagement levels mean? It means you have the ability to see if your prospects are opening your nurturing emails, how long they’re viewing them, if they’re sharing that content with other people, etc.

By tracking engagement, reps can easily identify which cold leads are turning hot and focus more of their efforts on those opportunities.

Segment your leads

Are you sending marketing-centric content to prospects that are interested in HR content? Those leads are staying cold, I promise you. Separate your dormant sales leads by buyer persona, stage of their buying journey, industry, etc., then develop nurturing campaigns that target each buyer segment.

Use sales automation

Often times marketing automation stops when sales takes over. These means its on sales to keep the communications flowing. If you’re performing lead nurturing manually, you’re behind the times. Using sales automation tools streamlines the nurturing process. It ensures cold prospects don’t fall through the cracks while also giving your reps back more time for selling to active opportunities. When considering lead nurturing automation tools, be sure to choose an option that allows for easy personalization and engagement tracking.

Quality over quantity

If you’re blasting your leads with random, irrelevant email campaigns every week, you’re not going to have a very high percentage of buyers jumping back into the sales cycle. Instead, focus on sending high quality, targeted information to your leads. Cut back on the amount of content you send if you have to (as long as you can keep up with your leads on a fairly regular basis).

Know who’s responsible

Who’s in charge of nurturing those dormant leads? This is one of those “elephant in the room” questions. Shouldn’t your sales reps’ time be spent on new leads just entering the sales pipeline? Not necessarily. Whether you have one rep devoted entirely to lead revival or you spread out the responsibility across your sales team, the important thing is for there to be a clear line of responsibility for dormant leads. You need to be able to tell when and why leads are getting dropped so that you can adjust your lead nurturing strategy accordingly.

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