How to improve marketing ROI with visibility into buyer activity

How to improve marketing ROI with visibility into buyer activity

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How effective is your marketing content within the sales process?

If you’re like 85% of marketing leaders, it’s only somewhat effective for revenue generation or customer retention, assuming you have any visibility into marketing ROI at all.

The obvious solution is to develop a strategy to improve content effectiveness and track marketing ROI, but in order to do that you need visibility.

The first step is to get visibility into sales activity so that you know what content is actually being used in the sales cycle, but that’s still only half the picture. Marketers also need to have visibility into how the B2B buyer is responding to content.

Why visibility into buyer activity matters

Without knowing what content is working and what isn’t, marketers have no way to create and implement a strong strategy for improvement. Messaging and content creation becomes a free for all—marketers shoot blindly in the dark and hope something sticks.

When something does appear to be effective, marketers have no way of knowing if it was caused by the messaging, the communication platform, the content design, how sales presented it or a dozen other variables. Marketing ROI is complete guesswork.

According to Forrester, 51%  of marketing leaders believe their content marketing is very mature, but 87% state that producing engaging content for buyers is a major challenge.

What buyer activity visibility looks like

Marketers and sales reps both have instant insight into:

  • Which content is most popular with buyers
  • The exact page or slide that causes buyers to lose interest
  • Which content moves deals forward
  • The best type of content or messaging for specific buyer personas
  • And much more

How to get visibility into buyer activity

Sales enablement software puts all the tools to get complete visibility into one easily accessible platform.

  • A centralized library puts all sales assets and resources in one highly organized, accessible location
  • Buyer portals track buyer activity in a site for buyer and seller collaboration
  • The sales enablement platform pulls all of the data collected on activity and content usage into visual reports for marketing to view
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How visibility into buyer activity benefits your business

Once marketers have visibility into what works with buyers—what content types they prefer, what messaging works well, what time of day leads to the highest click-through rates, etc.—they have a clear path for tracking and improving marketing ROI.

A study by Aberdeen found that Best-in-Class companies are 24% more likely than underperformers to use software to automatically track buyer interest levels and how sales is engaging buyers with marketing content.

When using buyer tracking software, companies have:

It’s time to start improving marketing ROI.

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