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Sales Content Management: Improve, Simplify, Advance

A sales enablement platform makes managing sales content simple and effective.

Perhaps you’re searching for a new content management platform or you’re unhappy with the limitations with Salesforce content management. Whatever the reasoning for looking for a better way of managing sales collateral, the solution lies in a sales enablement platform.

Why traditional sales content management sucks

Sales content management has been a thorn in the side of B2B sales and marketing teams for a very long time. Organizing, storing, distributing, updating… all of these tasks take significant time and effort.
Traditionally, sales content has been handled through systems like network drive, Sharepoint or CRM. These systems might be sufficient for small organizations with limited content needs, but they simply don’t cut it for large B2B sales teams.
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Here are the main inefficiencies with traditional sales content management:

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The next evolution of sales content management:
sales enablement software

Take the next step for sales content management

Accent Connect solves all the problems of traditional management of sales content, but it doesn’t stop there. Learn about the advanced capabilities that are making content management even easier and more efficient by scheduling a 10-minute demo today,  or continue reading about content within the sales cycle by downloading our free whitepaper: Content Marketing isn’t Just for Marketing.
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