3 big problems with traditional marketing asset management

3 big problems with traditional marketing asset management

Why traditional marketing asset management fails and how Accent Connect can help

marketing asset management storage blue iconProblem 1:

There are a lot of different ways to store, organize and distribute marketing assets.

That doesn’t seem like a problem, but it becomes one when your company uses multiple methods to store assets. Network drive, Sharepoint, GoogleDrive, DropBox… Each content repository becomes yet another place somebody has to look when searching for a specific marketing asset. It’s time-consuming and frustrating for end users and asset managers alike.

green light bulb with lightning strike in the middleSolution:

Put all of your marketing assets into one centralized, cloud-accessible location.

Make that the standard place where everybody goes to find content. Bonus points if your centralized library is a digital asset management platform (AKA optimized for storing and distributing multimedia like videos or interactive files), like Accent Connect. Your sales reps and marketers will always know where to go to find the resources they need.

marketing asset management track icon,Blue pie chart and bar graph Problem 2:

There’s no way to track content usage accurately.

When you rely on outdated asset management software, you really can’t tell which content is being used on a regular basis and which assets are ignored. More importantly, you can’t tell which assets are resonating with buyers. This visibility is vital to improving content marketing strategies, and it goes far beyond the basic download metrics you get with marketing automation.

green lightbulb with lightning strike in the middle Solution:

Use content tracking software.

With Accent Connect, you’ll gain instant visibility into which content is being viewed and distributed—both internally and with your prospects. You’ll be able to see which assets are viewed the most by buyers, right down to the number of seconds they spend on each slide or page. With this visibility, you can create more of what works and abandon content strategies that aren’t effective.

circled blue puzzle piece with check mark Problem 3:

There’s no way to keep content updated, branded and approved.

For marketers, having consistent branding and messaging is incredibly important, but when marketing assets are repurposed by other departments such as sales or HR, branding goes out the window. Combine that with the pervasive problem of people simply downloading content to their hard drive for personal use, and there’s no way to keep marketing assets updated with new messaging or branding.


Use an integration solution to automatically push out updates.

Accent Content lets team members repurpose content AND personalize it straight from the marketing asset management tool—no more having to download a Word document just to change the title page. This keeps branding intact while offering flexibility.

Connect also solves the hard drive storage problem. If you make a change to a graphic on a single PowerPoint slide, for example, single-source updating will push that change to every location where that graphic is used—even on your team’s hard drives.

Why stick with outdated, ineffective asset management tools? Upgrade to give your marketers everything they need to succeed.

Using sales enablement software for asset management can simplify the tasks marketing teams do on a regular basis, giving more time to your marketers to focus on the activities that have the biggest impact on your company.
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