How to Plug CRM Data Leakage Points with Automation

How to Plug CRM Data Leakage Points with Automation

B2B sales teams have a big problem: their CRM data is incomplete, out of date, inaccurate or just missing altogether.

Here are just a few of the results:

Duplicated accounts frustrate sales reps and make the selling process more difficult
The sales team never knows if the information in CRM is trustworthy or not
When reps do need information, it’s hard to find (assuming it’s available at all)
Sales managers are basing reports and strategies on arbitrary, inaccurate data

The reasons why:

Sales reps hate CRM and feel it’s a waste of time, so they use it as little as possible
When reps do use CRM, they’re entering data while distracted
CRM data quickly becomes out of date

How automation improves data quality and quantity:

1. It automatically captures CRM data from every source:
  • Sales reps (email, office phone, mobile phone)
  • Individual buyers (communications with reps, engagement levels, responses to content)
  • External public business information (changes in company size and revenue, employee roles, addresses, etc.)
2. It updates all of your sales systems with the most accurate, up to date data on a regular basis:
  • CRM
  • Sales enablement platform
  • Mobile apps
  • Email
3. It takes over data entry so sales reps can get back to selling, which increases:
  • Selling time
  • Sales rep focus
  • Number of calls and emails sent
  • Data quality and quantity

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