How to sell smarter by visualizing sales data

How to sell smarter by visualizing sales data

There is a lot of data in CRM—Opportunity details, emails sent, meetings scheduled, internal follow-up tasks… Sorting through all of it takes time, and deciding what to do with that data takes even longer.

The truth of the matter is very few sales reps are capable of efficiently sifting through opportunities to prioritize the right deals. It takes too long, and the dynamics of each sales deal change daily. Instead, reps often just focus on the most recent task to drop into their lap and ignore the other opportunities, letting valuable deals slip away.

The result: less time selling, and far less time selling to the right people.
Guide sales reps with sales data visualization icons

Guide sales reps with sales data visualization

1. Start with CRM

CRM has a lot of useful data, but sales reps hate CRM and use it as little as possible. And even though CRM has good data, it doesn’t have enough data. For example, CRM doesn’t automatically capture buyer and seller activity, content analytics or opportunity health (Sales enablement software does).

2. Add a big data analytics engine

Once you have the data, you need to turn it into something useful for sales. Use a big data analytics engine to turn aggregated sales data into valuable, actionable guidance for the sales process. Big data analytics can identify the selling behaviors, sales resources and rep and buyer activities that lead to closed deals. It then builds automatic guidance and recommendations into sales reps’ daily selling activities.

3. Finish with advanced sales data visualization tools

How does that valuable sales guidance created from big data get used by sales? The best way is to give it to sales reps in a way that they can tell at a single glance exactly what they need to do for any given sales opportunity.

This goes far beyond basic pie charts or bar graphs. Sales reps don’t have to spend any extra time analyzing and deciphering reports. Instead, intuitive data visualization tools give reps a unique perspective on sales situations, from visualizing which opportunities are most in need of follow up to showing the engagement levels of each member of the buying team.

A smarter approach to selling

The goal is to give your sales reps resources and tools that don’t require extra sales training or sales manager coaching. They don’t have to spend a bunch of extra time reviewing CRM data or relying on gut intuition to choose which opportunities to prioritize.

Instead, sales reps instantly know exactly what they need to do to drive deals forward. It’s like having a sales coach right there, guiding your sales reps every step of the way.

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