The Top Tools to Improve Sales Productivity

The Top Tools to Improve
Sales Productivity

Maximize selling time by boosting your sales reps’ productivity with five effective technologies

Businesses are always seeking ways to increase selling time, performance and revenue. Get ahead of the pack and differentiate from your competitors by using these cloud-based tools designed to boost sales productiveness.

Streamline the presentation creation process with sales asset management

A Sales Asset Management platform makes the process of creating sales presentations quick and easy while maintaining high quality standards. The time it takes your sales reps to search for relevant materials, create custom sales kits and personalize presentations is drastically reduced, giving more time back to sales to spend on what they do best: Selling.
Sales reps only spend 35.7% of their day actually selling. That breaks down to 14.28 hours each week spent selling and 25.72 hours spent doing internal tasks such as customizing presentations and searching for materials. –Accenture


Replicate best practices with sales playbooks

Take the guesswork out of sales processes. Instead, provide your sales reps with clear and easy to follow processes by using sales playbooks. Sales playbooks allow you to guide your C sellers through the behaviors your A sellers exhibit. By combining sales plays with analytics, you can create a truly intelligent system to ensure your reps are always performing the right activities to move deals forward.
Companies who use sales playbooks are 29% stronger at eliminating selling guesswork by providing analytics or data to support proven sales best practices. –Aberdeen 

Prioritize the right opportunities with predictive lead scoring

Predictive lead scoring helps your sales reps prioritize opportunities based on their fit, letting your reps focus on the deals that are most likely to close. Your company will no longer have to rely on your sales reps’ “gut feelings.” Instead, you can apply clear and logical data analytics to rank opportunities based on urgency and deal momentum. This technology utilizes real-time engagement tracking to help your reps respond quickly, catching buyers right in their moment of interest.
When evaluating their sales reps’ ability to prioritize accounts to focus selling efforts, only 8.3% of companies believe it exceeds expectations. –CSO Insights 


Eliminate time-consuming data entry with CRM integration

CRM can be a useful tool for sales, but the majority of the time, it’s more of a hindrance than a help. By integrating a sales enablement platform with CRM, you can stop collecting useless data and start focusing on the information that leads to success. A sales enablement platform allows you to pass activity informationdirectly to the CRM, eliminating duplicated efforts.  Moreover, sales enablement platforms automate as much opportunity information as possible, pulling from third party industry data sources to minimize the legwork for your reps.
Best-in-class companies are 115% more likely to integrate their CRM with sales enablement technologies. –Aberdeen

Streamline collaboration with buyer portals

Private buyer portals take customer engagement to a whole new level. Instead of forcing your buyers to search through their email inbox for a specific piece of content or email thread, buyer portals provide a single, well organized location for all resources and communications between buyer and sales rep. Sales reps can communicate with buyers directly within the portal, easily add more content to existing portals and use buyer activity within the portal to track engagement.
Only 19% of companies use buyer portals to deliver content to both employees and prospects or customers. Those companies who do use buyer portals have 89% customer retention, compared to 21% retention among laggard companies. –Aberdeen

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