Identify At-Risk Accounts Before It's Too Late to Save Them


At-Risk Accounts

In Time to Turn Them Around

Know Your Risk Accounts

Losing customers is not good for any team—especially when you could have done something to prevent it. Now you can get clear risk signals and notifications when your customer accounts are showing signs of leaving you.

Risk Accounts Signals
are hidden in the data

You can know when your customer are showing signs of leaving—it’s almost always hidden in the data—fewer orders, less usage, less frequent communications.

Get Signals in Time to
Save Your Accounts

Customers don’t normally decide to leave overnight. The signals are there long before humans usually detect them. Know early and take action to save your customers.

Communications Patterns
Give Off Churn Signals

We can detect when communications between your team and the customer team are dropping. Get the notifications early to take the necessary action.

We can Work with Your
Unique Customer Signals

Every team unique ways to selling and managing customer accounts. We can help you detect the unique signals your customers show when they’re about to leave.

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