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Analog Devices Client Case Study

In this client webinar, Analog Devices’ Mark Gardner shares the full story of ADI’s sales enablement journey. The challenges that started the initiative, the conception of their sales enablement team, how the Accent platform is supporting their program, and the return on revenue they’ve seen year over year.

Keep sales in a central resource hub

Accent centralizes your most important sales and marketing content. Give sellers fast access to all of it from any internet-enabled device.

Keep sellers in the know

Keep the entire aware of new and updated materials relevant to them with automated subscriptions and notifications.

Keep sales interactions personal

Easily personalize your content for their buyers. Let them co-brand or add contact information easily with one click. Dynamic Documents let them tailor and personalize content by just answering a few questions.

Keep messaging on brand  

Keep brand consistency and message accuracy enforced throughout all channels with built-in controls. Ensure your brand and message stays intact wherever its used.

Keep track of what’s working

Know exactly what’s being shared with buyers across all teams and channels. Now you can really see what’s being used in the field and how effective it is with buyers.

Keep workflows seamless 

Integrate any of your systems—CRM, marketing automation, email, other data and content repositories. We have over 300 connectors to integrate your business systems.

Get insight across all teams and channels

Our Synthesis™ Analytics Engine is specifically designed to help revenue teams analyze all aspects of their execution. Content performance, sales effectiveness, opportunity progression, and pipeline health are just a few examples.

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