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Solutions for specific challenges

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Regulated industries

We understand regulated Industry challenges. We have lots of ways to control access, filter content, apply compliance rules and track who’s doing what.
Workflow and approval, access rights, archiving, and automatic inclusion of required information are just some of the complex challenges we solve. We have many, many success stories we can share. Tell us what you’re looking to do. If we can’t help, we can point you to the right place.
Icon of olympic rings signifying that teams using advanced sales message delivery software have a 12% higher win rate than those that don't
Did you know? “Organizations utilizing advanced sales message delivery platforms achieve win rates up to 12% higher than those that don’t” — CSO

Global distribution

Global organizations use our solutions to segment and distribute information to different regions and countries scattered throughout different parts of the world.
Multi-language support, content filtering and powerful business rules let you share the right information with the right teams and keep track of what content is being used anywhere. Coordinate sales and marketing efforts around the world on one flexible platform.
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Channel partner enablement

Accent solutions let you deliver just the right information to the right channel partners at the right time.
Precise control over content rights, distribution, subscriptions and notifications let you enable your channel with the latest relevant materials and information they need for success. With complete visibility, you monitor what the channel uses and what the channel needs.
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