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Differentiate and Close Deals Faster

Accent helps tech companies differentiate with responsive, effective sales teams and unique buying experiences.

Revenue starts with readiness

Arm your Sales team with your best sales and marketing content across any desktop or mobile device.

Keep the team informed about new materials

Keep team members aware of new and updated materials with automated subscriptions and notifications.

Personalize content for greater impact

Easily tailor and personalize content for meetings. Dynamic documents let you customize materials by answering a few questions. It couldn’t be simpler.

Keep them on brand and message  

Keep brand consistency and message accuracy enforced with built-in controls. Example: the PowerPoint Plugin auto-notifies users when they’re about to use an outdated deck and lets them update with one click.

Visibility into content shared

Know exactly what’s being shared with buyers. Documents, emails, web meetings—all captured and stored and analyzed. Now you can really see what’s working.

Integrate with your business 

Integrate all your systems—CRM, marketing automation, email, other data and content repositories. We have over 300 connectors to integrate your business systems.

Get insight on all buyer engagements

Our Synthesis™ Analytics Engine is specifically designed to help revenue teams analyze all aspects of their execution. Content performance, sales effectiveness, opportunity progression, and pipeline health are just a few examples.

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