Integrations and Connectors



Maximize Your Marketing Tech Stack

Accent integrates with your critical sales and marketing tools to deliver insight and data like you’ve never seen before.

Integrate deeply with your CRM

CRM is likely the most critical data source for your organization. And we make integrating easy. Push or pull data from any record or field. Run analysis on any aspect of your data. Out of the box and custom algorithms bring insight like you’ve never had before.

All your content repositories together at last

Integrate and pull or push content and information from any content repository. Now you have easy access and unified search all from one easy place.

Email & calendar data true buyer engagement

It’s the most valuable but often overlooked data source for buyer engagement in any organization. We unlock the power and give true insight into what your teams are doing with buyers.

Call & text data now in your grasp

Want to know which team members are calling buyers? Want to know how buyers are responding? Want the ability to analyze call effectiveness? Now you have it.

Marketing automation joins the sales game

Sales gets to see what buyers are doing on the website. Marketing gets to see what sellers are doing with buyers after they hand over leads—how leads progress, what content is shared—and many new buyers to add to the ABM program.

Social media data now in clear view

Want to know what your sellers are doing in LinkedIn? How buyers are responding? And what buyers are posting? Now you can.

3rd-party data source connections are easy

Need to integrate 3rd-party data into the mix? No problem. The Accent platform is built to do exactly that. If it’s not one of our 300+ out of the box connectors, we’ll connect and capture it quickly for you.

Custom data sources can’t be left out

Every organization has custom data sources critically important to the revenue team. We can connect with them, combine with other data sources, and give you the clear pictures and dashboards you need.

Bring it all together

Consolidate all your data into one revenue platform that serves the entire team. One complete, accurate set of buyer engagement data.

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