Accent's sales enablement solutions integrate with all of your existing sales platforms

Create a seamless selling experience

Stop forcing your team to jump between different platforms. Our sales enablement platform is built for quick and easy integration with a diverse range of systems, giving your company a seamless selling experience. Your team members can work within the tools they already like and are familiar with, cutting down on training while instantly boosting productivity.
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graphic showing integration points to CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM and Insightly


Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics… Whatever CRM your company is using, we can integrate with it. We pull in all that CRM data, combine it with dozens of other sources and present it in a way that makes it extremely useful for sales reps and managers. And yes, we push data back to CRM as well!
graphic showing examples of accent's integration capabilities to marketing automation tools like hubspot, eloqua, marketo and salesforce pardot

Marketing automation

Why waste all that valuable data created by marketing? Whether you use Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua or another marketing automation platform, our sales enablement platform can leverage it to create an even clearer picture of every sales situation.
graphic showing a person on a computer screen indicating online meeting capabilities

Online meeting systems

Give your reps the ability to plan, initiate and track virtual meetings right within our sales enablement platform. Best of all, automatically update CRM with information like attendee contact details, meeting times, notes, etc. with no extra sales rep effort.
email icon indicating abilities to integrate with email communications to automate data entry and provide sales activity insights for reports

Email clients

Keep your sales reps focused on selling by integrating with email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. With our plugins, you’ll have access to all your content, sales opportunities, real-time response tracking and more—All without ever leaving your inbox (Did we mention that those emails, events and contacts will automatically be updated in CRM as well? Yeah, no more manual data entry).
icon for word documents representing sales fingertip access to sales collateral from within their microsoft suite tools

Microsoft Office® Suite

Don’t let your sales presentations get outdated. With Accent, you can easily connect your Microsoft Office® programs to your sales enablement platform, using our automatic single-source update system to keep information accurate and up to date with zero manual effort.
icon of a file cabinet symbolizing a central repository for all sales collateral and resources


Make content access easier for sales without the need to scrap your old systems. SharePoint, Box, network drives, GoogleDocs, Dropbox… We could go on, but you get the idea. Wherever your data or content is currently being held, it can be pulled or pushed by our sales enablement platform with ease.
graphic representing Accent's secure single sign on options

Single sign-on

Simplify the user authentication process by leveraging single sign-on with your sales enablement platform. Single sign-on gives your sales reps an easy way to access all their sales enablement resources and tools while simultaneously enhancing security.
graphic of a news blurb symbolizing accents integration capabilities for social networks so you can stream information to sales teams

Social networks & newsfeeds

Pull information from databases such as LinkedIn, Facebook and RSS newsfeeds into your sales enablement platform to shorten research time and enable social selling. Get instant updates to company, industry or prospect information—front and center.
graphic showing integration capabilities with other departments data warehouses to create a single source of truth


Avoid company silos by integrating your enterprise resource planning software, like Oracle or SAP, with your sales enablement platform. You’ll gain quick and easy access to relevant data from other departments, like product information, without ever having to switch between systems.
icon symbolizing Accent's API library


Our system has been designed from the ground up for integration, and we have more than a decade of experience fulfilling integrations for our clients. Our full API allows for custom calls to proprietary systems in order to pull or push information as needed. Basically, if you want to integrate a system, we can make it happen.

If integrations are important to you, let us show you what we’ve got to offer!

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