Revenue team performance dashboard

A complete view of all revenue team performance. See activities, effectiveness and results—and much more. Key performance indicators and your custom scores tell you which teams and individuals are executing to standard.

Comprehensive sales performance dashboard

Leaders need accurate sales forecasts, but often rely on subjective assessments and rep opinion.  Now you get to see the true health of your pipeline and every account and opportunity—all based on hard facts.

Operationalize your go-to-market strategy

AI not only provides insight, but also lets you impact your go-to-market strategy. Automated recommendations focus teams on the right priorities. Diagnostics and notifications course correct team behavior based on leadership team strategy.

Solve low CRM adoption

Tired of teams not entering data into CRM? No worries. The AI automatically captures all buyer-facing activity data. Emails, calls, meetings, texts detected and intelligently mapped to the right records.

Know exactly what teams are doing

See what your teams are doing with your buyers. The Sales AI captures all buyer engagement activities, so you know exactly what’s being done and when with each account and opportunity. Roll-ups give you a comprehensive view of team performance.

Get insights on team effectiveness

See which teams are generating the meetings and critical buyer responses and hitting engagement milestones—the leading indicators of success. No more waiting until the end of the quarter—the guesswork is over.

See where teams are prioritizing effort

Know which accounts and opportunities are being engaged, and to what level. Now you have the visibility to ensure your teams are focusing on the right things.

Know exactly where coaching is needed

The Sales AI diagnoses team behaviors and surfaces opening for coaching and training on activities, effectiveness, opportunities, and pipeline management.

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