Uncover the True Health of Your Sales Pipeline and Opportunities


True Pipeline Health

Know Your Buyers and Support Your Team


True Pipeline Health

Know Your Buyers and Support Your Team

Keeping Your Sales Pipeline Healthy

Bring visibility to your sales pipeline with fact-based, hard data. Every sales leader know a healthy sales pipeline the life-blood of successful selling. With fact-based evidence sitting at the table you can clearly see what deals are healthy and should be included—and which ones need more work.

Know Pipeline Health
with Clear Visibility

Gain complete understanding of your entire pipeline with fact-based information. AI analyzes you entire pipeline and exposes strong vs. weak deals.


Remove Opinions and
Trust the Fact-Based Data

Accent brings you the activity and communication data and analysis you need to understand which buying teams are engaging in a healthy cadence. If they’re not talking, they’re not buying.

Clearly See All Parts…
Early, Mid, and Late Stage

See your entire pipeline with clarity. Early deals just maturing, mid-stage deals that should be progressing, and late stage deals that should show signs of closing.

Know with Precision
Which Deals are Engaging

Most all deals progress in similar patterns. We uncover those patterns and expose the insights. We can tell which deals are progressing and to what degree.

Historical Evidence
Exposes Pipeline Health

Comparing current deals, at current stages, to deals won in the past give great in.

Pipeline Health Visibility…
The Key to Forecast Accuracy

Leaders depend on accurate forecasting to meeting their numbers—and keep their jobs. And, understanding the true health of the pipeline is the cornerstone of accurate forecasting.

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