Revenue Enablement that Makes Marketing Masters

Give Your Team

Control and Visibility

With Revenue Enablement for Marketers

Automation and Insights that
Make Marketing Masters

Centralize and manage content with control and flexibility. Automate updates and workflows to help small teams do the work of many. Use AI to scale personalization and content guidance. Get usage and effectiveness data to prove marketing’s contribution to revenue.

How it works


All of your sales resources in one place. Streamline content management and make resources easy to find.


Automate bulk-updates to content. Make tailoring materials for customers easy and fast. Make compliance and branding rules automatic to eliminate risk.


Serve up content learning alongside content search results. Leverage intelligent recommendations in to push the right content, for the right situation, at the exactly right time.

Get the Credit

Follow your content through the entire sales cycle. Use buyer engagement data to track content's contribution to wins and positive outcomes.

Easy Content Setup,
Management & Control

Centralize, manage, and deliver content at just the right time on any device. Easy setup and updating help marketing teams keep content on-brand, up-to-date, and compliant.

Content Suggestions

Surface content based on the sales situation. AI intelligently locates relevant content and delivers to reps the right content to move deals forward.

Easy Personalization
for Sellers

Create dynamic documents that lets teams quickly personalize content for buyers in seconds. Answer a few questions, and… done.

“Give Teams Access to Content Anywhere, on Any Device”

Track Content Usage
Even Shared via Email

Most reps still download and share via email. In fact, about 85% of the time. AI removes the black box by giving marketing visibility into content shared with buyers—even via email attachment.

“The usage data that Accent provides helped us increase our marketing content output 10x”

Analog Devices

Amazing Visibility into
Content Performance

Great visibility into how content is performing. Which buyer personas and how they respond. Roll-up views and content performance scorecards bring incredible insight.

Buyers Not Entered into CRM

Sales not entering all buyers into CRM? No problem. Marketing AI auto-detects buyers from email threads, calendar events and website visits and intelligently maps them into CRM. Expand your ABM strategy with warm, engaged buyers—not just cold contacts.

Your Lead Scoring

Marketing AI analyzes each lead-to-opportunity path and intelligently scores and forensically tracks how well each lead performed during the sales cycle. The scores and insights feed back into Marketing Automation for lead scoring refinement.

Aligning all revenue and support teams around the right information and a shared sense of purpose–to produce more revenue.

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