AI-Driven Customer Success


Customer Success

Turn CS into a revenue engine

Empower your CSMs with visibility into every customer-company email, conversation, and interaction. Use the power of AI to identify your top upsell/cross-sell producers.

Complete account visibility

Customer Success Managers get complete visibility into what’s going on with their accounts, communication cadence and flow—who’s talking to who, which buyers are engaging, outstanding issues and the success plan moving forward.

Ensure a healthy communication cadence

Get your team on a systematic communication cadence that constantly reminds customers of the value you deliver. AI prompts CSMs and Account Managers when it’s time to reach out and engage customers.

Enhance your reporting with AI-driven insights

The AI generates lots of scoring and insights based on the activity data and buyer responses, and you can report on all of it. Flexible reporting lets you see exactly what you need.

Know exactly how teams are performing

See which CSMs and Account Managers (AMs) are generating the meetings and critical buyer responses—the leading indicators to hitting the upsell and cross-sell milestones you expect. The AI creates performance scorecards keeping track of each team member by role.

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