AI-Driven Sales Operations


Sales Ops

Real-time visibility into seller performance

Accent captures every email, phone call, and meeting, and enters it automatically into your CRM. Process breakdowns and incomplete data are history.

Complete sales performance visibility

Rep scorecards give Sales Ops unprecedented visibility and insight into sales performance. Know whether reps are active enough, and whether they’re executing the sales process. Uncover best practices to spread across the team.

Close the CRM data gap

Reps not entering data into CRM? No worries. The Sales AI automates the capture of all seller-buyer activity data. Emails, calls, meetings, and texts are intelligently detected and mapped to the right accounts and opportunities.

Encourage and enforce your sales process

AI prompts reps to execute the steps, get to the right people, and gather the right information. It can even analyze emails and calls to make sure your value propositions are delivered appropriately.

Forecast better with AI-driven insights

See the true health of your opportunities and pipeline for more accurate sales forecasts. Don’t rely on subjective opinions from reps and managers. Look at the empirically-driven facts.

Know exactly how reps are performing

See which reps are generating the meetings, critical buyer responses, and engagement milestones you expect. The Sales AI dynamically creates performance scorecards keeping track of each rep by role.

Enhance your reporting with AI-driven insights

Get access to incredible data and insights compliments of the analytics engine. Activities, effectiveness, milestone achievements, and results, all analyzed, scored, and available for reporting.

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