AI-Driven Sales Leadership


Sales Leaders

The end of end-of-quarter surprises

Accent’s AI tells sales leaders who’s on-track and who’s underperforming, by capturing and reporting on every seller’s activity.

Comprehensive sales performance dashboard

The Dashboard gives managers and leaders a complete picture of how deals are progressing and how reps and teams are performing. Engagement timelines and rep scorecards give managers and leaders unprecedented visibility and insight into sales performance.

Automate CRM data entry

Reps not entering data into CRM? No worries. The Sales AI automates the capture of all seller-buyer activity data. Emails, calls, meetings, and texts are intelligently detected and mapped to the right accounts and opportunities.

See how reps prioritize effort

Where reps spend their time is one of the most important factors in successful selling. The Sales AI gives you a complete analysis and mapping of which accounts and opportunities your reps are engaging, and how much effort they’re putting into each.

Know exactly how reps are performing

See which reps are generating the meetings, critical buyer responses, and engagement milestones you expect. The Sales AI dynamically creates performance scorecards keeping track of each rep by role.

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