Sales Analytics Software

Sales Analytics Software

Gain visibility on sales activities, rep performance, and opportunity health all from one centralized dashboard

AI automates CRM data entry for emails, phone calls, and meetings to create a complete set of buyer-seller activities. Get the analytics you need from real data you already have, but don’t have the tools to access.

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97% of surveyed sales and marketing organizations rated Accent’s performance & reliability as better compared to the competition.

Source: TechValidate survey of Accent Technologies’ customers

Sales Analytics Software Solutions

Solve low CRM adoption

Reps not entering data into CRM? No worries. The Sales AI automates the capture of all seller-buyer activity data. Emails, calls, meetings, and texts are intelligently detected and mapped to the right accounts and opportunities.

Understand deal health at a glance

AI creates a clear picture of each account and opportunity—giving reps and managers fast understanding of the health and risks.

Know exactly what sales reps are doing

Sales AI helps focus reps on the right opportunities. Dynamic scoring and qualification of each opportunity surfaces a prioritized list of top opportunities.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Large Enterprise Company

“As an admin, Accent has made my life immensely easier. Pre-Accent, I would have to update multiple master decks so frequently I couldn’t keep up. With Accent, I can manage my sales enablement materials effectively and keep my teams on-brand. I also gain analytic feedback on what is actually.”

S&P 500 Financial Services Company

“Accent has allowed us to put tools into the hands of sales. As marketers, it allows us to have more time for innovation.”

Financial Services Mid Market

“As easy as online shopping is, now you can access and create presentations from your entire library of slides.”

Benefits of Accent Technologies

Maximize seller effectiveness

Use powerful AI to deliver content that is most likely to move the needle with buyers.

Differentiate your company

Clearly communicate value with content that is personalized and optimized for each buyer.

Win more and bigger sales deals

Get insight into seller performance, buyer engagement, and next steps to ensure more wins.

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