Sales Enablement Made Easy


Sales Enablement

Sales enablement made easy

Maximize seller effectiveness by delivering the right content in the right context to secure the next meeting or close the deal.

Sales enablement
made easy

Get up and running in days or weeks (not months) with powerful automation that speeds the setup process. Gain adoption and get business value quickly with a super easy user interface that your team will love.

All content with access from anywhere

Give your teams fast, fingertip access to all the content and materials they need to win. Access content and powerful selling tools from Web App, Mobile, CRM, Email, and Office applications.

Consumer-like ease of use

Accent’s user interface follows the lead from the most popular consumer applications like Google, YouTube, and Amazon—making adoption a whole lot easier.

Know exactly how reps are using content

See what content your reps are sharing with your buyers. Gain insight into what top reps are sharing and how buyers are responding so you can disseminate best practices across the team.

Add the power of AI to see true content performance

Put the power of AI to work analyzing how your sellers engage buyers with content and how buyers respond. Understand what your best reps are sharing and with which personas.

Promote the most effective content

Know exactly which content is producing and push it out to sales at the right time. Don’t make reps search and dig, put it in front of them when they need it.

Give reps precise content recommendations

The Sales AI diagnoses sales rep behaviours and surfaces openings for coaching on activities, effectiveness, opportunities, and pipeline management.

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