Forecast with Facts: Improve Sales Forecasts and Test Seller Insights


Sales Forecasting

Put Sales Insights to the Test

Make Your Forecasts More Accurate

The entire organization, from leaders down to sales managers and even reps, depends on accurate sales forecasting. So… let’s take it to a new level of accuracy. A data-driven approach is the key to gain more accuracy, and Accent can help you do it.

Accurate Forecasting..
Now Within Your Grasp

It’s a challenge for nearly every sales leader—getting the forecast within an acceptable range. We can’t promise miracles, but we can promise more accuracy.

No More Opinions..
Just the Facts

Make fact-based forecasting a reality with the right data, analysis, and insights. AI delivers the insights you need to know what deals have high-probability to win, and what deals don’t.

See Your Forecast…
Remove the Bad Deals

Clear visibility into your current forecast and which deals, according to the data, have a low probability to close within the estimated time slot. And, which deals not forecasted may have a shot.

Forecast Roll-ups from
Sales Rep to Team

You can easily see forecasts at the rep level and then roll them up to the team and entire organization. See which teams are forecasting accurately and which need coaching.

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