AI-Driven Revenue Enablement


Sales Performance

And True Pipeline Health


Sales Performance

And True Pipeline Health

Know Exactly How Your Sellers Perform

Know exactly what your sellers are doing, and how effectively they’re engaging buyers. Seller Performance Scorecards and analysis give you insights you’ve never had before. See which sellers look strong and uncover weak performers fast.

Seller Activity…Know
What Sellers are Doing

Seller activity is the cornerstone of performance. See which sellers are doing the right activities with the right buyers.

Seller Effectiveness…
Getting Buyers to Engage

Know which sellers are getting buyers to engage. Which sellers are getting responses from emails, generating meetings, and getting high-level buyers to engage in the conversations.

Know Which Sellers
Are Following Up

Poor follow-up can kill deals faster than anything. See sellers who are following up with a healthy cadence and which have destructive gaps that turn buyers off.

Know Which Sellers are
Getting the Team Involved

Team selling is critical to winning any complex sale. Lone Wolf sellers are a thing of the past—and we can help you identify them quickly so you can coach or let go.

Know Which Sellers are
Managing Their Pipeline

A good pipeline is the life-blood of selling success. See which sellers are creating and managing a good pipeline—and which are not.

Forecast Accuracy…
Which Sellers are Effective

Leaders depend on sellers ‘shooting them straight’ on deal closures. With our full set of activity data, we can tell you which sellers are forecasting accurately, and which are full of hot air.

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