3 ways to differentiate
Differentiation is one of the most (if not the most) critical factors in winning sales deals. Yet…
Only 6% of sales managers excel at ensuring their sales reps differentiate effectively.
Your sales reps might think they’re positioning company value well, but it’s not coming across to your buyers.
How do you help sales reps stay ahead of the curve and make a positive impression on buyers?
Here are three practical tools to make a difference:
  • Deliver a better buyer experience.
    Make the buying process easy on your B2B buyers by putting all materials, communication and collaboration within a private buyer portal. Instead of having to sift through emails for a specific document or message, your buyers can find everything they need in one location. Your buyers can view, download and share content easily. By tracking buyer activity, sales reps can see what works best for individual buyers. They differentiate by giving buyers what they want.
  • Personalize for greater impact.
    Using presentation wizards, your reps can quickly and easily personalize sales materials that directly address your buyer’s needs . While your competitors are sending canned, generic presentations, your reps are delivering targeted presentations that will stand out with your buyers. Sales enablement software automates the entire process, giving reps a way to differentiate in minutes.
  • Respond faster to stay in the lead.
    Give buyers what they’re looking for, right when they ask for it. Using real-time buyer response tracking, your reps can identify the exact moment buyers are showing interest and plan their follow-ups accordingly. Every minute you wait is one more minute you give buyers to reach out to competitors or lose focus to other pressing issues.
This triple-tiered differentiation approach can make the difference independent of industry, product or buyer persona. It works.

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