Improve the buyer experience with Accent Technologies
Buyers say the buying experience itself is more important to them than specific product features or even cost. This is why sales reps who deliver information in unique and buyer-friendly ways have a big advantage.

Buyer portals vs. email

Email attachments can be ineffective – they’re a hassle for both buyers and sellers. Using buyer portals makes the whole experience friendly and convenient, and it differentiates you from the competition. Best of all, buyer portals are accessible anywhere, from any device. See the difference for yourself.
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Improve the buyer experience

Make it relevant. Make it convenient.
Personalize messaging for your prospects with materials that address specific buyer concerns. Then, deliver these materials through a visually attractive portal that organizes all materials shared with a prospect over time.

Send high impact messages

Give buyers a rich experience.
In addition to brochures, whitepapers and presentations, share audio and video files with your prospects. Allow them to view, download and share files, and collaborate with you and other buying team members. Also, add personalized, recorded voice to your communications for that critical personal touch.

Gauge buyer activity

See how buyers respond.
See what materials your buyers open, share and download. Also, receive direct feedback on content and messaging effectiveness. Use detailed reports and analytics to bring your sales and marketing efforts into alignment and then plan your next move.

The science of sales enablement

Accent Technologies provides powerful sales and marketing solutions that help you connect with buying teams, differentiate from competitors and win more deals – all from one easy-to-use platform.
Our scientific approach helps sales teams improve execution – from better planning tools to automated priority queuing, everything you need is just a few clicks away.
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