Create a unique buying experience with private buyer portals
The buyer’s experience is the number-one factor influencing their purchase decision. Yet email is still the dominant channel used to distribute presentations.
Boost the buying experience with the use of private buyer portals.
Emailed attachments don’t do much for the buyer experience. Actually, scratch that: They detract from the buyer experience quite a bit. Your buyers get frustrated scouring through your sea of emails, and they’ll likely give up when tasked with piecing together your intended story (as awesome as it may be!) from multiple attachments.

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What can buyer portals do for your sales?

Improve the buyer experience

Make it Relevant
Communicate personalized messaging for each prospect with relevant presentations, brochures, and movies all in one place.
Convenient for Buyers
Create an organized, visually attractive area with all materials shared over time. Allow prospects to view, download and collaborate with you and other buying team members.

Deliver high impact messages

Multimedia and Large Files
Easily share videos and large files from your central library or upload and share from your desktop. No need to worry about file size restrictions.
Get Specific
User voice messages and sticky notes on top of your materials to explain how your solution can address the buyer’s specific needs.

See all buyer activity

How Are Buyers Responding?
See which buyers are opening, viewing, downloading and sharing the information you send. View detailed reports to help plan your next moves.
See What’s Being Used
Marketing can analyze content usage and popularity with fast access to detail reports. Sales can provide direct feedback on content and messaging effectiveness.

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