Content personalization wizards
Today’s B2B buyers want quick responses and relevant, personalized content. Up to 50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first, and 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great experience.

Let Accent’s content personalization wizards work their magic.

From winning sales presentations and tailored documents to robust sales kits, sales enablement software has B2B sales teams covered. Content personalization wizards make it easy for sales reps to create, personalize and distribute the right materials for each situation and every opportunity – on time, on message and in line with marketing branding.
The efficient sales content personalization process:
  • Sales reps answer a simple set of questions, which the wizard uses to compile the sales materials most relevant to your buyer.
  • Reps customize the slide/page order, presentation title, publication date, name of customer, etc.
  • The wizard publishes the custom presentation as PowerPoint or PDF.
  • Reps can immediately send to a customer via a private buyer portal.
The results:
  • Buyers get targeted, impactful presentations within minutes.
  • Reps can track how sales content is shared or viewed by buyers.
  • The personalized presentation is saved in the library to make it easier to reuse for other buyers.
Make selling easy for your sales reps and marketers alike. Implement sales content personalization wizards as part of your sales strategy – you’ll improve marketing ROI, increase sales performance and raise sales revenue.
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