Email Tracking Software for Sales Reps

Email Tracking Software for Sales Reps

Remove the blindfold. Know exactly what’s happening with your sales emails.

Reps don’t know if their sales emails are working

Marketing teams have been leveraging the tracking capabilities of marketing automation tools for a while now. They know exactly who’s engaging with email campaigns and how effective their messaging is.
Sales teams? Not so much. Sales reps send out email after email with no way of knowing who is opening, clicking or sharing them. Has the prospect passed the on presentation to C-level executives, or are those emails going straight to the junk box?

The solution: a full powered email tracker that’s simple to use

1. Directly from within Outlook or your mobile device, send an email using Accent’s Share. (Sales reps have been sending emails for years, so there’s no need to change old habits)
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2. When a buyer opens the email, the software instantly notifies the sales rep in real-time, giving them an opportunity to catch the buyer in their moment of interest.
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3. Reps can see reporting on:
  • When an email was opened
  • What links the buyer clicked
  • What content the buyer viewed
  • How much time they spent looking at individual pages
  • Whether they shared the content with other members of the buying team
  • And more…

Here’s why that’s awesome…

  • Your reps not only know which prospects are interested and engaged in the buying process, but also how engaged they really are.
  • When that time comes, your reps also know the perfect moment to follow up with buyers—right when they’re showing interest by reading your email, watching the video you sent, sharing it with someone else, etc.
  • Speaking of focusing their efforts, your reps now have insight into which messaging and content is most effective with prospects. Did the buyer skip over the whitepaper completely but watch the video 5 times? You should probably follow-up with another video.
  • They can use that awareness to focus their time and efforts on only the most engaged prospects.

Beyond just tracking emails

Accelerate gives your sales reps everything they need to plan, prepare and engage with buyers effectively:
  • Integrate with CRM to gain access to all your CRM data from email or mobile
  • Set up your emails to sync with CRM automatically (that means no more manual data entry!)
  • Access email templates straight from Outlook
  • Integrate marketing automation to get visibility into every touchpoint with your buyer (both sales emails AND marketing email campaign blasts)
  • Access a centralized library of approved sales resources
  • Leverage Accelerate’s powerful analytics engine to discover best practices and hidden opportunities

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