Get Total Sales Visibility through Buyer Activity Tracking
Sales managers and sales reps can both agree that having a complete and clear picture of sales opportunities is a huge advantage for winning deals. The more you know about buyer engagement, sales rep activities and communication between buyer and seller, the better prepared you are to strategically plan and prioritize opportunities.
There are two sides to every sales deal: the seller’s perspective and the buyer’s perspective.
The problem is that the only visibility (if any) sales teams have into opportunities is on the seller side.
Sales reps use gut feelings to choose which opportunities to pursue, which content to use with buyers, when to follow up and what to say. It’s not an effective system.
Normally, sales visibility of buyer activities is limited to direct interactions (responses to emails, phone calls, meetings, etc.). But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Sales enablement technology allows sales teams to step into buyers’ shoes, with tracking and reporting on:
  • The exact moment buyers are showing interest in the deal
  • The sales content (down to the individual slide or page) buyers are looking at
  • How much time (down to the second) buyers are spending looking at specific pieces of sales content
  • The other people that buyers are sharing sales content or information with
By gaining this knowledge into buyer activity, sales reps can approach selling more strategically. They can identify what content is most effective for winning deals. They can prioritize the right opportunities instead of deals with unengaged buyers. They can follow up at the right time with the right information.
In short, buyer activity tracking helps sales reps sell more effectively.
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