Guided Selling Software
Accent makes it easy for reps to focus on the right opportunities, engage with those buyers effectively, and close more deals.
  • Get next-step recommendations on content or actions to move deals forward
  • Rank opportunities by value or follow-up priority for easy planning
  • Follow best-in-class practices using the sales analytics engine’s insight
  • Plan strategy, create and share documents, and engage buyers all within the same platform
  • Cut down on complicated workflows and processes with one platform that integrates CRM, SharePoint, and other systems
…and we’re just scratching the surface

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Insightful coaching tips on demand

Unfortunately, managers just don’t have enough time to do all of the one-on-one coaching their reps need. With dynamic sales playbooks, you can supplement your usual coaching sessions with real-time tips and guidance. By reinforcing sales training on a regular basis, you keep reps on the top of their game.

Make the right moves

Sales management can gain confidence that sales reps are doing the activities proven to move deals forward. Reps receive automatic guidance that helps them decide who to follow up with next, which sales content to use and which subject matter experts they can rely on when they need a little extra support.

Take back selling time

When reps aren’t wasting countless hours digging for content and searching for information, they can spend more time actually selling. Even better, with the opportunity urgency scores provided by dynamic sales plays, reps know that they’re spending time on the best deals.

Typical Outcomes

Time saving
Save 4 hours per week searching for content
Rep proficiency
Like adding 10% more reps without ramp-up
Material usage
Increase material usage to 80% within 12 months
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